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this website only allows for a yoga class bookings page designed in french. you can only reserve a place in a yoga class or workshop on the french page "cours de yoga". here's a translation of the page "cours de yoga" contents.  to reserve a spot, please click on the "cours de yoga " button above and then on "reserver"when redirected to that page. sorry for the inconvenience  :-).



HATHA KRIPALU YOGA WITH MIRIAM - Wed, Thu, Friday 6:30-8:00 pm

Hatha taught with a Kripalu Yoga and moving Meditation perspective.

pranayama techniques, asanas, mantras and meditation.

5-class pass 90€   20€ per single class

students and job seekers 5-class pass 70€


kundalini yoga sadhana

led by meera man kaur (my spiritual name)

transformation of your sacred force to develop your spiritual consciousness. kriyas, mantras & meditation.

Energize & renew

by suggested donation 5

monday - friday  2019 - 6-8am 

click on cours de yoga  to reserve a spot

yoga  lotus flow (vinyasa) class with amanda kerdal

please stay tuned for our new class schedule

https://m.facebook.com/amanda kerdal/ 
Instagram: @amandayogalife

Yoga Lotus Flow is a series of postures like vinyasa yoga done with various types of music. It takes its name from the Laughing Lotus New York school.

What's special in this yoga is that you feel as if you were dancing since the sequences were indeed created for a maximum of fluidity in the transitions between the postures.


In the 2.5hrs workshops planned in June 2018, we will have time to indulge in full fledged classes as follows:

- conscience awareness of your body in sitting postures to relax and unwind 10 mins (including pranayama, breath techniques)

- opening space in your body 15 mins

- Salutations 10 mins

- standing-up flows & postures  40 mins

- focus on a specific posture > 20 mins, solo & in pairs

- sitting postures 10 mins

- relaxation 15 mins  (including pranayama)

5 class pass 90€

students and job seekers 5-class pass 70€

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