• Miriam Meera Man Kaur


I will be guiding

5 KRIYAS (kriya means action. it is a sequence of postures, breath & sound that regenerate your physical body and allow your other 9 bodies to manifest their true radiance).



5 ELEMENTS IMMERSION (we will connect to the essence of water, earth, fire, air & ether throughout our daily practice).

5 MANTRAS (we will work on the sacred sound, the naad, which is within us all and brings you closer to your infinite self).

5 MASSAGE THERAPIES (included in retreat)

Blanca chávez, a massage therapist certified in the U.S. with more than 20 years experience will be offering you a daily 80 mins massage therapy with energy alignment advice. she is also trained as a nutrionist, acupuncturist and in biodecoding techniques.

5 local organic FARM-TO-TABLE MEALS will be served and are included in the total cost of the retreat.

anatomy of the ten bodies according to yogic philosophy:

- a physical body

- three mental bodies

- six energy bodies

1. soul body - Alma

2. negative mind - mente negativa

3. positive mind - mente positiva

4. neutral mind - mente neutral

5. physical body - cuerpo físico

6. arcline - linea de arco

7. aura - cuerpo áurico

8. pranic body - cuerpo pránico

9. subtle body - cuerpo sutil

10. radiant body - cuerpo radiante

i was blessed to guide yoga sessions in this pristine hidden oasis on the mexican pacific coast. since childhood i have developed a deep friendship with mother sea and i have a special connection with the beaches around Cuixmala. Guiding yoga retreats is part of a calling that i am listening to mindfully. this explains why I keep training. i just finished a level 1 kundalini teacher training in france & india. i am now quite touched to share this experience with you all. the breathtaking nature in cuixmala, the sea, the land, the flora, fauna, the ether and the air & prana that will deeply entice all your senses will be there to support you and guide you as I will in this kundalini yoga immersion. you will explore your deep connection with your self.

The same Kundalini Yoga retreat will take place on the island of porquerolles this summer 2019, please check this blogs section for upcoming info. more accessible prices are also being negotiated for future retreats in France and Mexico. stay tuned.

big hug heart to heart (BHHH)

consider being grateful everyday

sat nam

shanti om

miriam meera man kaur

retreat accommodation includes this three-bedroom casita with king size bedding.

our retreat total cost per person $2,742 USD - $51873,67 mxn pesos (includes accommodation, kundalini yoga sessions, massage therapy, 3 daily farm-to- table organic produce meals. it does not include transportation to and from cuixmala.

other activities available in cuixmala.


Las emociones son reacciones biológicas y muchas veces se quedan atrapadas en el cuerpo físico. con diferentes terapias holísticas, se puede acompañar a una persona para que asuma en plena conciencia, y por consecuencia pueda comprender, dónde esta situado en su cuerpo físico ese bloqueo. comprender que fue lo que inconcientemente ha generado ese bloqueo y revertir la esfera de la plena consciencia puede restaurar y realinear la energia en el cuerpo físico. en este retiro de yoga kundalini, las terapias seran un complemento holístico para que cada persona pueda aprovechar una lectura corporal y enfocarse en las emociones y los canales bloqueados.

será un placer atenderles.

Blanca chávez

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