MiriAnanda Yoga Studio paris 

 top hill Montmartre

i started sharing this sacred space

miriananda yoga studio  in paris,

top hill montmartre, in march 2018.

I did so fully and happily aware

that your yoga is a blissful space and

time when you tap into your

physical body, mind and soul.

an enriching and peaceful experience

for all.

this is how i feel after 20+years

practicing hatha yoga.

initially in mexico, at the 

Grande Fraternité Universelle,

an  association founded by

the french yogi serge Raynaud

de la Férrière, and especially active in latin america, i learned first hand how hatha yoga is a long lasting healing science. since then, in 2012  i followed my calling to train as a professional yoga teacher at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, in the state of massachusetts, U.S.A.  


as i was curious long ago about hatha yoga, when it was not a fashionable trend, i am always fond of exploring the vast yoga techniques now at hand. In APRIL 2019, i completed my training as a kundalini teacher @ the school of sacred teachings ik saran dhian in france and india under the guidance of Ishwara kaur & kirpal singh.

My international experience has led me to share my yoga practice with yogi(ni)s in mexico, U.S.A., iceland, spain, france and the u.k.
upon request, I can teach yoga fluently in my four languages, english, spanish, french & italian.

om shanti om - sat nam

meera man kaur

Miriam - Happy creative founder (HCF) of MiriAnandaYogaStudioParis :-)

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